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Create a fun & easy fundraising page
to team up with your friends to give Indians dignity & opportunity. Together you can give the gift of literacy to more students.

100% of donations given through Sister India will go straight to Mission India’s Adult Literacy Program!

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  • step one- create your page

    Create your own fundraising page and ask friends and family to donate. Be creative by asking for donations instead of birthday or holiday gifts, go “latte-less” with friends for a week--- anything goes! It takes only a minute to create your page and share it through Facebook & email!


    It’s so rewarding to see your progress bar go up! You’ll be reminded that not only did YOU give the gift of literacy, but you helped your friends and family to learn about the plight of India’s poorest people. Every time a friend gives it will show up on your wall so you can thank them!

  • step three- celebrate + stay tuned

    Celebrate the accomplishment - you just dramatically changed lives! You and your friends will learn how many students you funded through your page. Stay tuned for fresh stories of transformed lives.

Your gift at work...

250,000 Illiterate Indians are on the waiting list for a Mission India Adult Literacy Class in their village. Because Mission India works with great indigenous ministries, they’re able to keep costs down, providing a 1-year literacy course for only $30 per student! Your $30 goes straight to Mission India’s program--- working to rescue someone from the humiliation, poverty & hopelessness that illiteracy perpetuates. See the stories here.

Sister India is a 501(c)(3) organization

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